How to Initiate Contact With a Girl

Secret and subtle ways to touch her that never get you turned down and always driver her wild…

Brush off any resistance and stay out of the friend zone forever, by learning how to initiate contact with a girl. Do you want to avoid ending up in the dreaded friend zone? Do you want to make her feel instantly sexual towards you, without having to rely on words? Do you want to never fall into the friend zone again?

How to Initiate Contact With a Girl

Learn how to properly intiate contact with a girl and leave her begging for more of you!

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you need to learn how to start touching girls. Touch is what separates a guy she becomes friends with, but doesn’t fantasize about sexually, and the guy that’s her dirty little secret, who gets to ravage her whenever he wants, and she craves for him all the time.

When you start your interactions with a girl, you want to be able to instantly find a way to touch her and spark her desires. Initially, she won’t even know what’s happening, and she’ll be falling for your advances in no time. Today, you will learn the right tools to initiate contact with her, and get you touching her immediately.

Got a question about initiating contact with a girl? Please ask, I promise to take the time to personally respond.

1. Lead Her with Your Hands

If you meet a girl, and you need to go somewhere or show her something, then you want to lead her. You can lead her by either extending out your hand for her to grab and take her somewhere, or perhaps even grabbing her lower back and just gently moving her to the direction that you want to go. By doing this, you’re not only touching her, but you’re leading her, and girls love a guy that’s decisive, masculine and is a leader. You’re displaying a lot of really good qualities about yourself.

2. Find a Reason To Touch Her

For instance, it could be a piece of jewelry she’s wearing, it could be an item of clothing that you like, it could be a piece of dirt on her face. Find a way, an excuse to touch her, and do it subtly. Don’t make yourself look like it’s really obvious that you’re finding something. Just do it very naturally, like, “Hey, that’s a great piece of jewelry, can I have a feel,” and just go and touch it.

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3. Play Games

A couple of little games you can play is thumb wrestling, you could grab her and dance stupidly together, you could even have a fun wrestling competition, where you let her win. Whichever game you play, you want to ensure that you’re touching her in some particular way.

4. Sit Beside Her

If you guys are interacting or sitting down together, ensure that you’re sitting beside her, and your bodies are touching each other in some way.

5. Reward Her!

Reward her with a high five or a hug, or even a handshake. If she’s done something that impresses you or is pretty cool, you can show your affection towards her by high fiving her or going up and hugging her. It’s just another excuse you can use to go and touch her.

6. Warm Her

If she’s feeling cold, warm her up with your body heat. If she’s outside, and she’s really cold, tell her you know a great way of warming her up, and go up and stand beside her or embrace her and use your body heat to warm her up. If she’s really cold, she definitely won’t resist that.

7. Give her a Massage

No girl will ever say no to a massage. Go to a massage course or tell her how much of a great masseuse you are, or tell her that she looks stressed and tense and she needs a good massage, and find an excuse to go up and massage her.

Use these seven tips and you’ll be a pro at initiating subtle contact. The contact you initiate will be just enough to make her WANT to be near you.

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